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In manufacturing where the Regenerative medicine has been a key to begin with 4years R&D to enable your dermis rejuvenate in cells

  1. General serum can only reach the stratum corneum (0.2 mm) of the epidermis. Therefore, this epidermis will come off after a turnover of about 30 days. However, MYCELLUCE reaches deep into the skin and into the basal layer (1.8 mm) of the dermis.
    The power of these bone marrow stem cells regenerates the cells, which are young, surprisingly soft, and have the potential to restore the natural luster and radiance of the skin.
  2. Stem cell cosmetics have become popular, but most of the stem cell culture medium, which is the raw material for Japanese manufacturers, is imported from South Korea, and the culture medium is diluted. We use Japanese-made human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution as undiluted solution without dilution.
  3. We are the only ones using human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium manufactured at a factory in Japan by Reprocell, which contributed to the discovery of iPS cells and the award of the Nobel Prize by Professor Yamanaka.

Pickup information

stem cell※1Cosmetics"common sense"change. Stem cells※1Cosmetics"standard"change.

We have been developing products with the aim of becoming the top products in stem cell cosmetics. I am convinced that the new standard for stem cell cosmetics will be the combination of the three elements of "high technology and experience of the main body that provides stem cell culture solution", "derived from human bone marrow", and "use of supernatant solution (supernatant solution)". increase.

MYCELLUCE is a product that brings out the beauty of your bare skin with the power of science. Gives skin firmness and luster, and brings fresh moisture and softness to the skin. It smoothes the texture of the skin and gives it smoothness. Please feel the power of science in the new era with your skin.

* 1 Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium

"Daily luxury" on your skin.
In addition to the high-concentration human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium, the organic ingredients of particular interest are also added.

[MYCELLUCE] Essence (Essence)


Mask for special care.
Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution + selected organic ingredients.

[MYCELLUCE] Facial Treatment Mask


An all-star lotion that lightly awakens the skin.
The feeling of penetration is irresistible! For the long-awaited lotion, use human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium.

[MYCELLUCE] lotion (lotion)


For the first step of care.
Create a foundation for beautiful skin with human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution + friction-less gel.

[MYCELLUCE] Cleansing Gel (Cleansing Gel)


Three new standards for Stem cell cosmetics

Cutting-edge research in Japan
Reprocell, which supported it
Provided human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium.

Reprocell provides the human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium used for MYCELLUCE. Reprocell (see below), which supported Japan's cutting-edge research and top-notch researchers, maintains high quality products through its technological capabilities and methods for stem cell selection, management, and culture. increase.

For stem cells derived from bone marrow,
I am particular about it.

Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium is extremely rare. Stem cells can be collected from a variety of body tissues, but the most difficult to collect is bone marrow-derived stem cells. From bone marrow-derived stem cells, cells with higher proliferative capacity are selected and proliferated. In the process, growth factors and cosmetological ingredients are secreted.

"Stem cell cosmetics
You should use the supernatant. "
Common sense.

We use culture supernatant (label name: human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture). The supernatant is the whole culture solution from which the stem cells themselves and impurities have been removed. Only about half of the culture broth can be obtained as the supernatant, which is the "supernatant" of the culture broth. It contains many growth factors and cosmetological ingredients. Growth factors such as EGF, FGF, NGF, IGF, TGF, PDGF, VEGF and GDF11 have been attracting worldwide attention in recent years.

What is Reprocell?

Using the culture medium provided by Reprocell
Professor Shinya Yamanaka is the first in the world
Succeeded in producing iPS cells.

Reprocell was founded in 2003 by Professor Norio Nakatsuji, Director of the Busshitsu-Saibatsu Systems Center, Kyoto University, and Professor Hiromitsu Nakauchi, Director of the Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo / Stem Cell Therapy Research Center / Center.

At the time of its establishment, Professor Nakatsuji and Professor Nakauchi were jointly focusing on research and development and commercialization using ES cells (embryonic stem cells called "universal cells").

In 2006, Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University succeeded in producing iPS cells as a new universal cell for the first time in the world using the culture medium provided by Reprocell. In 2012, iPS cell research won the Nobel Prize.

MYCELLUCE Essence contains a high concentration of 3.5% human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium※2is included.

MYCELLUCE Essence is a "white fungus polysaccharide" that gives the skin gloss and moisture.※3"Almond extract※4". "Plum fruit extract※5And "Prune decomposition products"※6"Gives confidence to your bare skin with the power of fruit.

"Malachite" which is attracting attention as "blue gem of aging care"※7] Is also blended. Use it in the morning and evening to give your skin a luxurious impression.
* 2 to 7 All moisturizing ingredients * 7 Malachite extract
Non-parapen, non-alcoholic, non-phenoxyethanol, non-colored, non-synthetic fragrance

[MYCELLUCE] Essence (Essence)

Contains 3.5% human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium
Contents: 30mL Price: 33,000 yen (tax included)

The MYCELLUCE Facial Treatment Mask contains a very rare human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium.

"Trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2" that brings firmness to the skin※8, "Capillary wormwood flower extract" that is effective for keeping the skin clean※9, "Damask rose flower water", which is known to be used by Cleopatra and Yang Guifei and is called "Queen of Fragrance".

With weekly special care, your skin should evolve even further. Also, by using it the night before a special day, your impression should be much younger. When used in combination with Essence, your skin will shine even more. * 8 and 9 are all moisturizing ingredients
Non-parapen, non-alcoholic, non-phenoxyethanol, non-colored, non-synthetic fragrance

[MYCELLUCE] Facial Treatment Mask

Contains 0.05% human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium
Contents: 30mL x 4 pieces Price: 17,600 yen (tax included)

MYCELLUCE's long-awaited lotion is "Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Acclimated Culture Solution" made by Reprocell.※1"Liposome ceramide" that moisturizes the skin and supports the barrier function.※2] And the ingredients are selected with a focus on the “Japanese spirit”. "Somei Yoshino cherry leaf extract" that approaches skin stress※3And the moisturizing ingredient "Sakuran" obtained from the algae that live in the clear stream of Aso.※4, Incorporating Japanese-born beauty ingredients such as lees extract from a long-established sake brewery.

With a thick, mellow texture, it wraps the skin comfortably while giving a deep and rich moisturizing sensation.

Not only for layering with the essence, but also for caring for an important body. It is also recommended for those who are new to MYCELLUCE.
* 1 ~ 4 All moisturizing ingredients

[MYCELLUCE] lotion (lotion)

Contains human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium
Contents: 60mL Price: 19,000 yen (tax included)

Cleansing is an important item that touches the skin first and prepares for subsequent care.

Therefore, for the cleansing of MYCELLUCE, a gel with less friction is used, and "Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium * 1" made by Reprocell is blended.

Ingredients selected with a focus on "Japanese spirit" also support a clean finish. Pursuing melting smoothness and good falling so that you can use it comfortably. We also selected the texture of the gel. Cleansing gel can also be used as a regular wash pigment. The first step in caring for MYCELLUCE.
※1 Moisturizing ingredients

[MYCELLUCE] Cleansing Gel (Cleansing Gel)

Contains human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium
Contents: 100mL Price: 13,200 yen (tax included)


After using it for about a month, MYCELLUCE says, "The more you use it, the more you don't want to let it go."

I felt it was cosmetics.

On the first day, apply 3 pushes. I was very surprised at the moist feeling of the skin and the tone up the next day.

The next day, due to the influence of pollen, the feeling of dryness could not be dealt with by MYCELLUCE alone, so I used a lotion containing heparin.

Drying was terrible with heparin alone, but when used in combination with MYCELLUCE, the effect was even more noticeable.

By using MYCELLUCE, you will be able to have yourself on your skin, and more women will be happy! I thought.

Mr. S (female)

I bought a trial set!
Many ordinary packs have great dripping and do not feel the moisturizing effect.
I rarely use the pack, but I had the opportunity to purchase this item.
The concept of packs has been overturned by using this product! !!
First of all, the quality of the face mask is overwhelmingly different.
It wasn't the paper quality that I imagined, but the fibrous and plump one that I had never touched.
* It's really different from "paper", so it's a new experience!
I want you to stick to your face all the time. .. .. It feels good to fit me as much as I think.
After removing it, my skin was firm and my pores were tight.
The effect of a normal pack is temporary, but
This mask continues to be impressed the next morning.
The effect lasts all day and you can feel good, so
The price is a little high, but I would like to use this product the day before a special day.
If you can use it continuously, you will be able to have skin like an entertainer!
Anyway, the concept is completely different from other face masks, so I recommend it!

The second half of the 20th generation (female/normal muscle)

As I continued to use Essence, I feel that my pores have tightened and the stains have become a little thinner. Overall satisfied
So I want to continue using it.

The second half of the 20th generation (female / dry skin)

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