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It was published in Shueisha "éclat (August 2020 issue)".

MYCELLUCE Essence was introduced to "Reversal Beauty NEWS from around 50 (page 118)".

Kodansha "VoCE (August 2020 issue)" was selected as a special jury prize in the "Best Cosmetics Special Feature for the First Half of 2020".

In "Special Feature on Best Cosmetics for the First Half of 2020" (page 69),
Recommended by beauty artist Hiromi Kobayashi, MYCELLUCE was awarded the Special Jury Prize for the first half of 2020. Selected!

It was published in Sekai Bunka "MEN'S EX (Merged issue in June and July 2020)".

Go to "Notice Board" (page 138) Myseluche Facial Treatment Mask was featured.

INFAS Publications "WWD.COM (April 28, 2020 delivery article)" introduced My Seruche

Focus: Ask the leading select" Nesting "selling brand" Estone "" Bernese "edition to become the best-selling product of Estnation Introduced Myselouche Essence.
For more information, please see WWD JAPAN / Focus / Column.

In addition, WWD Japan LINE News also introduced My Seruche Treatment Mask.

It was published in Shogakukan "Aesthetics (June 2020 issue)".

Cosmetics Calendar [Newly released items that support beauty! ] (Page 241), I had you pick up My Seruche.