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Stem cell cosmetics MYCELLUCE "Room of President Mitsuyo" Gift Concierge Lining Announcement of Zoom Talk Event with Keiko

Participants only !! Answer the quiz and get a trial set ♪

Thank you for waiting!

Notice of the 4th MYCELLUCE "Mitsuyo President's Room"!

This special guest is Gift Concierge Keiko Lining .


Based on the belief that "giving things is giving your thoughts", the lining has always selected gift products with strict eyes and love with the motto of sharing good fortune. He has authored numerous books such as the Bible, a gift that summarizes his experience, . While she also selects products such as magazines and special exhibitions, and produces shops, she also presides over the Sogetsu style flower class for individual guidance. Many followers are looking forward to the Instagram, which is updated daily about "food," "kimono," and "beauty."


Keiko Uraji official website

Keiko Lining Official Instagram /k.uraji/


This time, President Mitsuyo will be the host, and we will hold a live talk show with Keiko Ura, who has the best aesthetics, without any detailed meetings! zoom Why don't you take a look at such a valuable story that you can talk about because it is live?


◆ Those who participated on the day and answered the questionnaire and quiz Everyone has a gift

MYCELLUCE Trial set actual item and 10,000 yen discount coupon that can be used at the MYCELLUCE online shop will be presented.

Trial set contents: 1 facial treatment mask, essence (1ml pouch x 2 packets)


We sincerely look forward to your participation.


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