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MYCELLUCE Online Salon "Mitsuyo President's Room" Special Guest: Announcement of a female entrepreneur's true intention talk with Professor Kaori Nakano

The 1st MYCELLUCE online salon "Mitsuyo Ohta's Room", which ended with great popularity the other day, will continue to be held with warm voices from everyone!


The special guest this time is a fashion historian, Kaori Nakano CEO of Research Institute Co., Ltd., and a visiting professor of Showa Women's University. Kaori Nakano is.


After graduating from the University of Tokyo graduate school, after several academic careers, he established Kaori Nakano Co., Ltd. in 2018. As a visiting professor at Showa Women's University and a fashion historian, he writes and gives lectures on everything from the history of men's and women's fashion to the latest fashion situations, and also serves as an advisor to companies. It is serialized in 8 media including Nihon Keizai Shimbun and Yomiuri Shimbun.


His books include "The Complete History of Apparel Read by" Innovator "" (Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing Co., Ltd.), "Royal Style British Royal Fashion History" (Yoshikawa Kobunkan), "Gentleman's Masterpiece 50" (Shogakukan), "Mode, Eros and Capital" (Shueisha Shinsho), "The Genealogy of Dandyism: Men Who Longed for Men" (Shincho Sensho), and many other translations, including the supervised translation "Chanel, The Secret of the Revolution" (Discover Twenty One).



This time, President Mitsuyo will be the host, and as a female entrepreneur like Kaori Nakano, we will talk about how to deal with work and society, how to prepare conditions, skin care and fashion, which are difficult to talk about in official places. It's a schedule.

"Mitsuyo Ohta's Room" is a live talk show without any detailed meetings. Why don't you listen to the valuable story that Kaori Nakano's experience and various knowledge will tell you what kind of story will be developed by the atmosphere of the day?


◆ Those who participated on the day will receive a gift by lottery ◆

We will send you a questionnaire email after the online salon is over. From those who answered the questionnaire, we will give away MYCELLUCE products (essence: 1 person, 4 facial treatment masks: 1 person) by lottery.

We sincerely look forward to your participation.


  • Date and time: June 27, 2020 (Sat)
  • Time: Start at 16:00 (scheduled to end at 16:45)
  • Venue: Zoom * It will be a talk event using the webinar function. The faces of all the participants are not shown.
  • Number of participants: First 100 people
  • Participation fee: Free
  • Application period: June 18, 2020-June 27, 2020 * Please complete the pre-registration by the start time. 
  • how to apply:Maiselouche Official InstagramFollow orMy Seruche Official Facebook PagePlease like it and pre-register (required) for viewing from the URL below.

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   * You need to download the zoom app in advance to watch.