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Talk show with flower designer Sayuri Tsuneishi

The 3rd special guest was Mr. Sayuri Tsuneishi, a flower designer.
In 23 years, he changed from a listed company OL to a flower designer and founded STYLE OF GLOBE, establishing his own world view as a flower designer. While he is constantly active, he has worked on displays for famous overseas brand shops such as HERMES and BVLGARI, as well as wedding decorations such as Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, and has also opened a flower school. His overflowing talent has surpassed the barriers of flower designers, and in recent years fashion show spaces, store design, etc.
It is also used in other fields such as jewelry design, and is also involved in total production.
This time as well, President Mitsuyo was the host, and he talked about the secrets of Tsuneishi's overflowing charm, from lifestyle, beauty, and fashion to Tsuneishi Sayuri.
(Reminder date: August 6, 2020 at 20 o'clock ~)