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Frequently Asked Questions Q & A

1. About operations related to subscription

1. Open the official line

On your smartphone or PC
Please open from LINE
* The area surrounded by the red frame
Please press

2. Select shopping from the page below

When the menu opens as shown in the image below
Please select shopping
The product will be displayed
If you don't see the product you want,
Please select more

3. Select the applicable product

Please select the applicable product
Add to cart to proceed

4. Select a subscription on the selection screen below

With this button,
About subscriptions and regular purchases
Please select

5. Select Proceed to checkout from cart

The contents of the cart will be displayed
* Make sure that the number is the corresponding number
please confirm

6. Enter the required information

The screen for entering the required information will be displayed.
Please fill in

 7. Enter credit card information

Please enter your credit card information

8. Final confirmation

Please make a final confirmation and proceed to payment
Developer's vision


Our mission is to bring you an opportunity to learn about your skin-system that our
skin can be revitalized by the great helps with
Stem cells culture fluid and keep you well in the modern world by helping establish healthy, restorative routines of self-Skin-care that are key to a lifetime of good living.

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to learn that our skin is activated with the help of stem cell conditioned cultures.
And to help you get into the habit of healthy and curative self-skin care, which is the key to a healthy and prosperous life in this modern age.