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3DAYs Challenge Trial Set


MYCELLUCE Essence Essence + Lotion + Cleansing Gel All-Star Trial Set. The beauty essence "Essence", which symbolizes MYCELLUCE, contains a 3.5% undiluted solution of a very rare * 1 human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution manufactured by Reprocell. In order to bring out its extraordinary power, we have carefully formulated the product from quality inspection of the culture solution to frozen transportation and particle size. In addition, we have selected ingredients derived from the botanical blessings such as "white fungus polysaccharide" and "plum fruit extract" and "malachite" which is said to have been loved by Cleopatra. All of them are made in Japan and are unmistakable sustainable cosmetics. This beauty essence is the "strongest trio" that combines cleansing used in the first step and lotion that demonstrates the best performance when used together. First, cleanse the skin to prepare for subsequent care, then apply lotion for 2 pushes, and finally apply essence for 1-2 pushes. Take this care once a day before taking a break. There are 3 sets, so you can use it for 3 days. * For the ingredients of each product, please check the individual products.