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[MYCELLUCE] Essence (essence)


通常の購入     ¥33,000

MYCELLUCE Essence contains a high concentration of 3.5% Japanese human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium. "Shiroki jellyfish polysaccharide * 1" and "almond extract * 2" that give gloss and moisture to the skin. "Plum fruit extract * 3" and "prune decomposition product * 4" give confidence to your bare skin with the power of fruits. It also contains "Malachite * 5", which is attracting attention as an "blue gem of aging care". Use it in the morning and evening to give your skin a luxurious impression.

* 1-5 All moisturizing ingredients * 5 Malachite extract

[Non-parapen, non-alcohol, non-phenoxyethanol, non-colored, non-synthetic fragrance]
[Combined with 3.5% human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium] [Contents: 30 ml]

6 super luxury benefits

Benefit 1

For regular purchases! First time limited half price

33,000 yen (tax included) → 16,500 yen(tax included)

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Free shipping anywhere in the nation!

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From the second time onwards, with each purchase10% points gift

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Benefit 6

3rd time after 2nd purchaseGet a facial mask

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7th after purchasing 6 timesGet cleansing & lotion as a gift