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[MYCELLUCE] Cleansing gel A set of 12 deals


The more you use it, the more you save! !!

It has become very affordable by purchasing in bulk! !!

Cleansing is an important item that first touches the skin and prepares for subsequent care. Therefore, for the cleansing of Myselouche, we adopted a gel with less friction and blended "Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution * 1" made by Reprocell.

Ingredients selected with a focus on "Japanese spirit" also support a clean finish.
Pursuing melting smoothness and good falling so that you can use it comfortably. We also selected the texture of the gel.

Cleansing gel can also be used as a regular wash pigment. For the first step of care at My Seruche.

Make your skin beautiful just by devising a daily face wash.


* 1 Moisturizing ingredient

[inner capacity: 100mL]