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[MYCELLUCE] Lotion [First experience course 120 days genderless] Multi-function lotion Stem cell conditioned lotion (1 bottle)


Capacity is60ml, Essence2Because it's double the amount1After the bath at the end of the day1With care once1Almost in a book2Can be used for months

After taking a bath, you can use the whole face, decollete, upper arm, body and face in multiple ways.

 To experience the improvement of skin quality4Please continue to use for months. After first delivering60Already in a day1I will deliver the book.

total4Experience the power of lotion containing stem cell conditioned medium in months.

Plenty of recommendations2It's a push.

Gently apply it to the entire face and then stretch it to the nape of the neck. I am surprised at the moisturizing power. It is also recommended for body care.

especially20For younger skin, this lotion alone will give you a good return. of courseContains human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium, Moisturizes the skin and supports the barrier function "Liposomal ceramide"or,1805Shinise, a long-established store founded in OmiKitajima Shuzo's lees extractHowever, it gives a deep and rich moisturizing feeling.

It is recommended not only for layering with Essence, but also for those who are new to My Serouche.