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[MYCELLUCE] Lotion (lotion: 1 bottle)

Myselouche's long-awaited lotion includes "Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution * 1" made by Reprocell, "Liposome ceramide * 2" that moisturizes the skin and supports the barrier function, and "Wa no Kokoro". We are particular about selecting the ingredients. Incorporates Japanese-born beauty ingredients such as "Yoshino cherry leaf extract * 3" that approaches skin stress, "Sakuran * 4", a moisturizing ingredient obtained from algae that live in the clear stream of Aso, and lees extract from a long-established sake brewery. ..

With a thick, mellow texture, it wraps the skin comfortably while giving a deep and rich moisturizing sensation.
Not only for layering with essence, but also for caring for an important body. It is also recommended for those who are new to My Seruche.

* 1 ~ 4 All moisturizing ingredients

[inner capacity: 60mL]