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MYCELLUCE 幹細胞コスメ 〜マイセルーチェの成分を解説〜








MYCELLUCE 幹細胞コスメ 〜お肌の仕組みについて〜










MYCELLUCE Product development secret story: Thorough explanation of skin problems! !! !!

* Click the image to play the video on Youtube.

As the second video in the series, we have created a video about the secret story behind the product production of MYCELLUCE.

MYCELLUCE is currently running an official LINE registration gift campaign. It has a good reputation on SNS, so please try it! !! !!

MYCELLUCE Japan's cutting-edge [Kiseihin] skin products with face-to-face manufacturing.

Please take a look at the thorough explanation of skin problems.

MYCELLUCE Beauty videos

* Click the image to play the video on Youtube.

Myseluce is a product that brings out the beauty of your bare skin with the power of science.Gives skin firmness and luster, and brings fresh moisture and softness to the skin.

It smoothes the texture of the skin and gives it smoothness. Please feel the power of science in the new era with your skin.

Change the "common sense" of cosmetics. Change the "standard" of cosmetics.

Let's regain baby's skin and live every day with confidence!

The video also explains the bean knowledge about the products of Maiseluche and the secret story of the birth!

This is a great news for customers who are always patronizing us.

The official shop of MY CELLUCE has changed to shopify.

We are preparing a gift for a total of 30,000 yen for customers who have made regular purchases for a long time and have applied again.
We are looking forward to your new application.