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Thank you for your support of crowdfunding.


Thank you very much for your support of our crowdfunding campaign.
Thanks to your support, we have received more than 1.2 million yen.
Among so many beauty products and basic cosmetics, we feel it is almost a miracle that you found MYCELLUCE.
We are truly grateful for this opportunity.
We hope that your daily skincare routine will be transformed into an inspiring experience.

Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award



Mycelluce's serum has now been awarded the Gold Prize at the Monde Selection in Belgium.
Only Mycelluce can offer cosmetics using Japan's highest standard of domestic stem cell acclimatization culture fluid.
Please try it with more and more confidence.

Crowdfunding challenge

We are now challenging crowdfunding at Maiceluce.

You can get our eligible products at 60% off.

Please take advantage of this opportunity!

MYCELLUCE [Explanation of effective usage]

In the fifth installment of the MYCELLUCE video series, we discuss the optimal use and ingredients of MYCELLUCE stem cell cosmetics.

If you are unsure of the procedure for use or would like to learn more about MYCELLUCE's ingredients, please take a look.

MYCELLUCE stem cell cosmetics-explaining the ingredients of MYCELLUCE-

Hello, this is MYCELLUCE.

In this fourth installment of our video series, we have detailed the ingredients of MYCELLUCE Cosmetics.

What are the differences between MYCELLUCE cosmetics and other cosmetics?

Please take a look at the contents of this page, which will answer these questions.

MYCELLUCE, a cosmetic brand that guarantees "quality"

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