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Mr. S (female)

After using it for about a month, MYCELLUCE says, "The more you use it, the more you don't want to let it go."

I felt it was cosmetics.

On the first day, apply 3 pushes. I was very surprised at the moist feeling of the skin and the tone up the next day.

The next day, due to the influence of pollen, the feeling of dryness could not be dealt with by MYCELLUCE alone, so I used a lotion containing heparin.

Drying was terrible with heparin alone, but when used in combination with MYCELLUCE, the effect was even more noticeable.

By using MYCELLUCE, you will be able to have yourself on your skin, and more women will be happy! I thought.

The second half of the 20th generation (female/normal muscle)

I bought a trial set!
Many ordinary packs have great dripping and do not feel the moisturizing effect.
I rarely use the pack, but I had the opportunity to purchase this item.
The concept of packs has been overturned by using this product! !!
First of all, the quality of the face mask is overwhelmingly different.
It wasn't the paper quality that I imagined, but the fibrous and plump one that I had never touched.
* It's really different from "paper", so it's a new experience!
I want you to stick to your face all the time. .. .. It feels good to fit me as much as I think.
After removing it, my skin was firm and my pores were tight.
The effect of a normal pack is temporary, but
This mask continues to be impressed the next morning.
The effect lasts all day and you can feel good, so
The price is a little high, but I would like to use this product the day before a special day.
If you can use it continuously, you will be able to have skin like an entertainer!
Anyway, the concept is completely different from other face masks, so I recommend it!

The second half of the 20th generation (female / dry skin)

As I continued to use Essence, I feel that my pores have tightened and the stains have become a little thinner. Overall satisfied
So I want to continue using it.

The second half of the 40th generation (female / dry skin)

If you use the essence and facial treatment mask as a set, the next day's makeup will feel good, so be sure to
I want to use it as a set.