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6th Stem Cell Cosmetics MYCELLUCE "Mitsuyo President's Room" Beauty Talk Notice

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President Morinaga of Tama Co., Ltd. who loves pearls and President Mitsuyo Ohta of Shoyo Co., Ltd. who loves life-sized beauty.

This time, the two of you will have a fun and passionate discussion about the products you have produced.

Don't miss the secrets of maintaining beauty and health!


◆ ◇ Introducing Noriko Morinaga, President and CEO of Tama Co., Ltd. ◇ ◆

After graduating from Bunka Women's University, he worked for Jun Ashida Co., Ltd. and Mikimoto Co., Ltd., and studied under two leading clothing designers in Japan.
After retirement, acquire knowledge of pearls in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture. After that, in 2004, he established a company (Pearl Angel Co., Ltd.).
Appeared in many TV mail-order programs and magazines. He is also a lecturer at "Special Lecture at Bunka Gakuen University", "Special Lecture at China National Tohoku Normal University", "Yokohama National University Oe Seminar", and "Tokai University Endo Seminar".
In 2013, he launched the "Pearl Design Contest" sponsored by the Japan Pearl Promotion Association, and plans and manages this contest as an executive committee member.

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