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Announcement of Happy Beauty Talk with MYCELLUCE Online Salon "Mitsuyo President's Room" Special Guest Yukari Elliott

We have decided to open the MYCELLUCE online salon "Mitsuyo President's Room" as a plan to make your home time more enjoyable. The first memorable guest will be a talk event with the invitation of British culinary researcher Elliott Yukari.


Elliott Yukari, who is very active in events, magazines, TV, etc. in Japan. Not only as a culinary researcher who has published popular recipe books such as "Really delicious British food" and "Simple feast related to Elliott", but also to deliver fashionable cooking videos that can be easily made and local information on the UK. "Official blog related to Elliott Food & amp; Lifestyle Diary from England" ( yukari-elliott / ) But he is also a very popular blogger with many followers!

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President Mitsuyo is currently 77 years old, from the Takarazuka Opera Company, after working as an actress and MC, has published lectures and books as a color coordinator, proposed preserved flowers and energy color jewelry to the world, and has continued to be active as a businessman. I did. Mitsuyo, who has always created the latest trends on her own, is now the president of Shoyo Co., Ltd., launching the MYCELLUCE cosmetics brand and pursuing a new "beauty" that has never been seen before. We have started.


This time, President Mitsuyo will be the host, and we plan to have fun conversations with a lot of content such as the secrets of Elliott Yukari's beauty and new information on daily life in the UK.


Friday night, May 29, 20:00 How about spending a week of tiredness relaxing with Elliott Yukari, who is in the UK across countries, and our president, Mitsuyo? ??


For those who participated on the day, we will send you a questionnaire mail after the end. From those who answered the questionnaire, we will give away MYCELLUCE products (essence: 1 person, 4 facial treatment masks: 1 person) by lottery. We look forward to your participation.


  • Date: Friday, May 29, 2020
  • Time: Start at 20:00 (scheduled end at 20:45)
  • Venue: Zoom * It will be a talk event using the webinar function. The faces of all the participants are not shown.
  • Number of participants: First 100 people
  • Participation fee: Free
  • Application period: May 20, 2020-May 27, 2020 * The deadline has been closed.
  • How to apply: Follow Myselouche Official Instagram or Please like the official Mycelluce page . We will send you the URL of the application form in return, so please register in advance (required) to watch the talk event.


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