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MYCELLUCE Special Dialogue Notice of YouTube Delivery

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MYCELLUCE official YouTube channel, information on distribution!

The guest this time is Mr. Takuma Ota, a small-faced doctor.

Mr. Ota, who is leading women in the world to happiness with the original ultimate lift-up technique #Biira that combines the method of a small face doctor and Vantage.

Please enjoy the precious story of the small-faced doctor who cannot make a reservation ♪

≪Special dialogue guest≫

Small face doctor representative and therapist Takuma Ota

~ Profile ~

In addition to running a salon in Akasaka, he is active mainly in Ginza, Aoyama, and Shirokanedai. He is also active in Osaka and Nagoya. He has customers all over Japan, Taiwan, and NY, and there are many repeaters such as models, entertainers, and beauty artists, mainly women in their 40s and 50s.

A small face doctor school is also open, and he also trains more than 300 therapists all over Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

In addition to small face esthetics, instant small face treatment, shortest and fastest beauty manipulative treatment, and myocardial approach small face treatment, he is also qualified as a female hormone advisor and anti-aging food meister. In addition, taking advantage of his experience working at many starred restaurants in the past, he also provides restrelan customer service consultations.

There are many media publications such as Bi ST, Classy, ​​and HERS.

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