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MYCELLUCE Special Dialogue Notice of YouTube Delivery

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MYCELLUCE official YouTube channel, information on distribution!

The guest this time is Sachiko Shinozaki, the representative director of Esvita Co., Ltd.

MYCELLUCE was talked about from the perspective of a beauty professional who runs a product planning, strategic PR, and consulting company specializing in "beauty and health."

≪Special dialogue guest≫

Sachiko Shinozaki, Representative Director of Esvita Co., Ltd.

~ Profile ~

She is a new graduate and has been engaged in sales, planning, marketing and PR for about 6 years at a major foreign cosmetics company. Although she is in charge of public relations and PR for domestic cosmetics manufacturers, she also serves as product planning, not only media exposure of her own products, but also event planning, EC site launch and operation, and sales. Stretch out. She currently manages "Esvita Co., Ltd.", a product planning / strategic PR / consulting company specializing in "beauty and health", and also audits directors of Japan Creation Group Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ: 7814). Also serves as a committee member (outside the company).

Esvita Co., Ltd. homepage

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