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Gift Concierge Talk show with Keiko lining

The 4th special guest is Keiko Lining, a gift concierge. Based on the belief that "giving things is giving your thoughts", the lining has always selected gift products with strict eyes and love with the motto of sharing good fortune. He has authored numerous books such as the Bible, a gift that summarizes his experience, . While selecting products for magazines and special exhibitions, producing shops, etc., he also presides over the Sogetsu style flower arrangement class with individual guidance. Many followers are looking forward to Instagram, which is updated daily about "food," "kimono," and "beauty."
This time as well, President Mitsuyo hosted a live talk show with Keiko Ura, who has the best aesthetics, without any detailed meetings.
Please enjoy such a valuable story that you can talk about because it is Zoom live. (Date: September 4, 2020, 20: 00-)