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Late 20s (female / normal skin)

I bought a trial set!
Most of the ordinary packs have a great amount of dripping and the moisturizing effect is not felt.
I rarely use the packs, but I have a chance to buy this product. I did.
Using this product, the concept of pack has been overturned! !!
First of all, the quality of the face mask is overwhelmingly different.
It wasn't the paper quality that I imagined, but the fibrous and plump one that I had never touched.
* It's really different from "paper", so it's a new experience!
I want you to stick to your face all the time. .. .. It feels good to fit me as much as I think.
After removing it, I felt that my skin was firm and my pores were tight.
The effect of a normal pack is temporary, but
this mask continues to be impressed the next morning.
The effect lasts all day and you can feel good.
The price is a little high, but I would like to use this product the day before a special day.
If you can use it continuously, you will feel like a celebrity!
Anyway, the concept is completely different from other face masks, so I recommend it!

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