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[MYCELLUCE] [Slow Aging Course 30 Days Experience] Facial Treatment Mask & Essence (1 each)


A combination of a beauty essence containing a human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution manufactured by Reprocell and a facial treatment mask.

This is the first set for the experience course so that you can experience the benefits of Myseluce products in the fastest and most reliable way.

Essence, which contains purely domestic human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium without dilution, spreads 2 pushes on the entire face twice in the morning and at night.

stomach. Double care with a face mask once a week on your favorite day after applying serum. The face mask has excellent adsorption power for 30 minutes, so

You won't be able to remove the mask while doing yoga or cooking indoors.

A beauty essence that restores all the firmness and brightness of the skin and the softness of the baby's skin. White fungus for beauty essence

It even contains polysaccharides and malachite. Add a face mask that leads to abundant skin as if you were just awakened, and have a supreme home salon time.