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[MYCELLUCE] Facial treatment mask (4 pieces)

Click here for the video on how to use the facial treatment mask ♪ ↓
-Extra edition HOW TO USE MYCELLUCE facial treatment mask-

Myselouche Facial Treatment Mask contains a very rare Japanese-made human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium.

"Trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2 * 1" that brings firmness to the skin, "Capillary wormwood flower extract * 2" that is effective for keeping the skin clean, and "Queen of Fragrance", known for being used by Cleopatra and Yang Guifei. It also contains "Damask rose flower water" called "Damask rose flower water".

With weekly special care, your skin should evolve even further. Also, by using it the night before a special day, your impression should be much younger. When used in combination with Essence, your skin will shine even more.
Uses a bio-cellulose mask. Firmly adheres to the skin.

* 1 and 2 are both moisturizing ingredients

[Non-parapen, non-alcoholic, non-phenoxyethanol, non-colored, non-synthetic fragrance]
[Combined with 0.05% human bone marrow stem cell conditioned medium] [Contents: 30 ml x 4 sheets]