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[MYCELLUCE] 12-sheet summary course at a great deal


A must-see for those who want to use face masks at a great price by purchasing them in bulk! !!

The more you use it, the more you can buy it.

After washing your face, pack the mask on your entire face and30Carefully take care for a minute.

The same as the essence, the human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution manufactured by Reprocell is blended as the undiluted solution. 

What surprises you especially is the unusual "mask"Adsorption power"is. Made by culturing and fermenting coconut waterNano fiber sheetContains plenty of beauty ingredients and fits perfectly to every corner of the skin.

Due to its excellent adhesion, the ingredients can be delivered firmly to the skin.

The mask body is2Protective sheet(Mesh sheet)Because it is sandwiched between, first the protective sheet1Remove the sheet, put the mask on your face, and then1Please peel off the protective sheet.30After a minute, remove the mask and apply the essence left on your skin to your entire face.